I have heard all the woodee jokes already :P

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No words needed…

Journey… you do this to me everytime!

JOURNEY: Apotheosis (excerpt) by Austin Wintory http://soundcloud.com/awintory/journey-apotheosis-excerpt

JOURNEY: Final Confluence by Austin Wintory http://soundcloud.com/awintory/journey-final-confluence

JOURNEY: Atonement by Austin Wintory http://soundcloud.com/awintory/journey-atonement

JOURNEY: Threshold by Austin Wintory http://soundcloud.com/awintory/journey-threshold

Oh Cortana! 

Can’t believe the original of this video is nearly 8 years old!!

Finally found the origin of the music from it to! http://www.pouet.net/prod.php?which=1221

Grand Prix Legends - Push The Limits - HD version (by JCrashB)

Probably the best 2nd Amendment speech ever (by justinwoolee)