I have heard all the woodee jokes already :P

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Woodee Plays… QWOP for bikes? (MX Bikes Beta1) Takes some co-ordination I can tell ya! :D Download the beta1 yourselves and see how well you can do ;) http://www.mx-bikes.com

Money shouldn’t go toward perpetual wars, it should be going towards putting smiles on kids faces like this!

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Pennsylvania cops told a woman that if she did not stop video recording them arresting her daughter outside their home, they would arrest her for felony wiretapping. The woman stepped inside her home to continue recording, which was when police…

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On this day in Dream Theater “Breaking the Fourth Wall” released. I will be doing a full album play-through in their honour!

cuddling-app.jpg Cuddlr is a location-based app (links to app store page) to find other nearby people looking for a cuddle. It’s supposed to be like a PG version of Tinder or Grindr. I just installed it but sadly there was nobody in my area looking for a cuddle. Maybe 8AM is too early for most people’s cuddling needs. Unfortunately, I read a couple reviews online and apparently a lot of the users are dudes hoping for more than a cuddle. What a surprise. Just what we needed, another app to meet perverts, weirdos and psychopaths. I call little spoon! Keep going for a video about the app.

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